World War I diorama WIP

So Yesterday I posted a picture galery of a diorama I made, and I promised to give some more WIP information. Here it is.

First I put my idea’s on paper to plan out the project. I did a lot of research to get a realistic trench system. Even the barbed wire is modelled to match WWI wire entanglements. I planned to put some features on the board, including a machine gun post, some trench shelters, latrines, a crashed plane and a ruined church. The last two have to do with the story of the book this diorama is based on.



Stage 1

The diorama is built on a 1 ft by 2 ft 10 mm thick MDF board, on something close to 1/100 scale. I cut several layers of foam to create the trenches and craters and glued them on top of each other.

stage 1

stage 1

stage 1 trenches

stage 1: trenches


When I was almost finished with the first stage, the miniatures from arrived. These are 15 mm early WW1 metal figures, wich come in packets of 8. I ordered 2x belgian fusiliers, 1x grenadiers and a pack of carabiniers, together with 8 Belgian officers and a Hotchkiss HMG pack. For the germans I got advancing germans, charging germans and ‘standing casualties’ who are in the process of being mowed down by the Hotchkiss. Finally I got a pack of casualties for both sides. That’s 80 miniatures in total, and it only cost me £30! That’s something GW could take a look at 🙂 .





Stage 2

The second job was to cover the whole board with a hard plaster. This gave the foam a hard shell, filled all the gaps and created texture. Now was also the time to put all the barbed wire posts, dead bodies and trees in place, while the plaster was still wet. On these pictures you can also see the barbed wire I made layed out. For the barbed wire I took two pieces of 0.25 mm florist wire and twisted them together with a hand drill. At this stage I was also very pleased that I’d made the trenches on the right scale. When I cut them, I didn’t have any 15 mm mini’s to check…

You can also see the crashed plane. It’s not a historically correct model, but at my hobby store they didn’t have any WWI planes in the right scale. Me being a 16 year old student, I also didn’t have a lot of budget left after buying all the supplies and miniatures. So in the end I settled with a incomplete model which I found on my school’s attic.I recuperated and ‘recycled’ it from an unfinished diorama project they started in my school some years ago.

stage 1

stage 2 wip


Stage 3

While the plaster was still drying I glued all the mini’s to some wood strips, ready for painting. That’s a lot of dudes!

Then I got the Vallejo Dark Earth terrain paste and give the whole board a coat. This gives the board a  muddy earth texture, wich is perfect for the trenches. At this stage I glued some more rubble around the ruined church, put the corrugated iron plastic card in place and placed the first sandbags, sculpted with milliput.



Stage 4

Time for the detailing. I put all the barbed wire in place and fortified all the trenches with wooden posts, corrugated iron and sandbags. Then I painted the whole board. First a base color and then dry brushing several layers. After painting all the details and dead bodies I painted the board edges black. As a final touch I put in some clown posters and a painting which I both printed of. At first glance they seem out of place in a WWI scene, but these are both references to events described in the book, and I won’t spoil them here 😉

Stage 5

The last thing to do was to put in the miniatures. I didn’t find any painting tutorials so I base my schemes of some drawings I found. basically I gave them a base coat, followed by some highlights and then a heavy black or brown wash to blend all the colors together. For my first 15 mm mini’s, I think they came out pretty well. For anyone interested in the paints I used, The Belgians are with Vallejo dark Prussian blue, highlighted up to flat blue, and the Germans are Vallejo German grey, highlighted with some white mixed in the same grey. I also used Vallejo Game Effects ‘dried blood’ on the casualties, which turned out rather good. And with that the project was done!



…Not really tho, I was only able to paint 33 mini’s in time for the deadline, so I have quite some stuff to do 😉 . Maybe you’ll see those in future posts!

And on that bomshell (pun intended) I end this very long WIP post about a project which took a very long time to complete. But maybe it makes up for the lack of posts since January 😉

Don’t forget to share this post and follow the blog, and I’ll write y’all later!

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World War I Diorama


Hey all, I haven’t posted anything since January, but that is for a good reason. We had to read a book for school and do a creative project related to it. I read War and  Turpentine from Stefan Hertmans, and I thought, what better to make than a trench diorama? So I did, and went a little over the top with it… (pun intended 🙂 ) It is a scene from the first battle of Ypres.

I put together a picture gallery from the finished project. WIP images and more information about the project will be coming too. Enjoy

P.s. I got 20/20 🙂

17/01 update: rangers DONE

Hey all, This week I’ve finished the last batch of Mirkwood rangers. As I said last week I have changed the colour scheme just a little to avoid the flashy colours. I kept the scheme closer to that of Legolas. I was a little worried they would fall out of line but actually the bunch blends in really well and I like the variation. That’s also one of the things I wanted to have originaly. I’m very pleased with the result! Now I can move on to the palace guard. Before painting I want to do the bases, and I’ve got an idea for that… you’ll probably see it in a post popping up this week.

That’s it for today, happy painting and gaming, leave a like and follow if you want to see how the palace guard start to become a part of this army

10/01 update: rangers

Hey all, This week I’ve been painting some Mirkwood rangers. I was going to use the same colour scheme as with the first four, but after I gave them a wash I realized I really liked them with darker colours, so I left the highlights on the orange quite dark. I like how it came out so I’m going to do the same thing on the reds and yellow. I’m really liking how they are coming along and I hope next post will be these guys finished. I really hope it cause I don’t know how else I’m going to get my army finished for the next tournament. Well, we’ll see next week 🙂

That’s it for today, happy painting and gaming, leave a like and follow if you want to see these guys finished!

New year, new blog

It’s 2016!

This year I’ll try to put some more work in this blog telling you all about what I’m busy with. But before that, I’ll give you an update of what I have done in 2015 (and before).

  • I finished the hobbit hole… almost. I’m quite happy with it,but at some point I am going to have to add a bunch of static grass to really make it look done.
  • I worked on some more terrain, such as a couple of woods and the river crossing. I’ve bought and painted the Osgiliath ruins set and I made a set of hedges. Also on terrain, I’m busy making a gameboard for another game called mercs.
  • I painted a bunch of miniatures, although less than I would like, and less than I bought this year. Right now I’ve painted 77 of my 293 figures.

And something different: I’ve been to my first ever tournament! It was a small tournament in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium wich was held for the first time december 26th. Eight people turned up and I became 7th with my Dol Amroth army. A more detailed report will be coming, but I can tell you it was lots of fun!

But now I’m busy again already for my second tournament wich will be held end of March. For that I’m painting up a Mirkwood army wich I am still thinking about what to bring exactly.

That is about it, Im looking forward to more hobbying, gaming and blogging. I hope you are too 😉

the hobbit hole

Hi guys, today i give you another look at the hobbit hole I’ve been working on last week. I did a lot of detailing since the last picture i showed you, such as the roof logs, the path, the gate and the bank. I also added a little birdhouse after i took the pictures. Now I just have to finish the fence, and then i will basecoat it black and start painting and flocking it. Finaly!

Blog #2

Today no ‘painting’ before ‘blog’ because this week i didn’t paint anything. This week i worked on a terrain project: a hobbit hole! I got the idea from ‘the scouring of the shire’ sourcebook, but i wanted it to look a bit more interesting. I will post a full article about how i made of as soon as or is done, so stay tuned!


This is the state it is in now.

First D&D character + painting blog #1.2

Hi guys, i’m sorry i couldn’t post earlier, but i had not enough time. That’s why you’re getting something extra now!

First is a drawing I did in school. 😉  It shows my D&D character Floi. Floi is ofcourse a dwarf, and he comes from the hills in the east (I don’t play D&D for long so I don’t know any names.) His clan was struck by disease and he had heard there were plants in the woods he could heal the sick with. Because his clan meant everything for him he went to search them. He found the plants and he managed to save the people of his clan, so he decided to learn more about nature to be able to help more people. And that’s where he is, 263 years later, at the age of 360. Now he is one of the wisest of all dwarves, and he knows about every plant and animal in the known world.

D&D dwarf druid floi

D&D dwarf druid Floi

That’s my first created D&D character! Tell me what you think in a comment.

And now something extra!
Here is the last hobbit. I finished it yesterday, so now the militia is ready to fight the goblins of! I again used a color scheme from the scouring of the shire sourcebook, and I like the way it came out. The only issue is that it’s a lighter and less bright color scheme than the others. I think I will paint a couple of the archers in a similar color scheme as well to avoid having one different from the rest.

i’d love to hear from you guys, so leave a comment about what you think, any tips you want to share, …                                   if you want to see more posts, like this post and follow the blog on wordpress, twitter,facebook, and/or google+ to be updated!

painting blog #1

Hi guys, this is painting blog #1!

In this series of blogposts I will show you what I’ve been painting for the last week.

This week I’ve been busy painting hobbit militia. 3 of the 4 are ready, and I will finish the 3th one tomorow. I used a lot of bright, warm colors with a lot of contrast , as they are in the movies and described in the books. For the bases I used my sand mix and some light green flock and static grass. For the third hobbit I used a color scheme from the scouring of the shire sourcebook, but I painted the hat a dark yellow to get more color and contrast than just the white and the blue. I think they turned out well and I’m really happy with them.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to last week, this week I will finish the last hobbit and work on the next project…

also, if anyone has an idea for a name for this series, please let me know!

i’d love to hear from you guys, so leave a comment about what you think, any tips you want to share, …                                   if you want to see more posts, like this post and follow the blog on wordpress, twitter, facebook, and/or google+ to be updated!

blog update

Hi guys, i’m back after a long time, i’m sorry i didn’t post anything, but i’ll try to post something every Tuesday about what i’ve been up to last week. I’ll do it Tuesday because i do most of my painting in the weekend, so i can write monday and type it tuesday. Also i joined a D&D group and we have a session every Wednesday. i’ll try to write a post about that every Thursday. maybe i will also be able to get some battle reports in. I hope you all look forward to more activity on this blog, i for sure do. 

a lot of stuff coming soon, so keep an eye out!


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